Current graduate students

Kristy Crouse (Anthropology)

Computer models of behavior

Kristy with hamadryas baboon at Filoha, Ethiopia









Carrie Miller (Anthropology)

Paternal behavior in gelada monkeys.

Carrie with gelada monkeys at Norway Cliff, Guassa, Ethiopia









Nisarg Desai (Anthropology)

Chimpanzee vocal communication


Nisarg recording calls at Gombe









Tony Massaro (EEB)

Cooperation and competition in chimpanzees

Tony watching chimpanzees at Gombe









Elihuruma Wilson (EEB)

Elihuruma (center) at Gombe with (from left to right) Tony, Anton, Mike and Deus






Maud Mouginot (Anthropology)

Maud at Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany









Visiting Scholars

Nicole Simmons, Makerere University

Nicole at Kyambura Gorge, Uganda









Recent graduates

Rebecca Slepkov Nockerts (Anthropology)

PhD: 2019

Stable isotope ecology of chimpanzees and olive baboons

Rebecca processing fruit samples A
Rebecca processing fruit samples at Gombe







Andrea Bailey (EEB)

PhD: 2015

Dissertation: “Conspecific aggression as a reproductive constraint and the value of kin in olive baboons, Papio anubis

Andrea collecting data on baboons at Gombe







Lisa O’Bryan (EEB)

PhD: 2015

Dissertation: “The socioecology of chimpanzee foraging and food-associated calling behavior”

Lisa recording chimpanzee calls at Gombe.
Lisa recording chimpanzee calls at Gombe.

Current position: Post-doctoral fellow with Simon Garnier at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, funded by a James S. McDonnell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Award in Studying Complex Systems.

Lisa defending her thesis
Lisa defending her thesis 15 May 2015.







Laura Hauff (Anthropology)

PhD: 2011

Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Macalester College

Dissertation: “Biological and social factors associated with reduced lactation duration in overweight women”

Laura weighing a baby







Deus Mjungu (EEB)

PhD: 2010

Dissertation: “Dynamics of intergroup competition in two neighboring chimpanzee communities” get pdf

Current position: Director of Chimpanzee Research, Gombe Stream Research Centre, the Jane Goodall Institute – Tanzania

Deus taking a GPS point on a vegetation plot in Gombe.
Deus taking a GPS point on a vegetation plot in Gombe.









Claire Kirchhoff (Anthropology)

PhD: 2010

Dissertation: “From birth to bones: Skeletal evidence for health, disease, and injury in the Gombe chimpanzees”

Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of North Texas

Claire with Sherehe's skull.
Claire with the skull of Sherehe at Gombe.
Claire laser scanning chimpanzee skull at Gombe

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