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CNN: How animals transfer power from one leader to another: Brute force, inheritance and consensus.


Associated Press: Female banded mongooses lead battle for chance to find mates.

IAST Magazine: Murderous cousins: Chimpanzees and the origins of war.

National Geographic Magazine:  How animals choose their leaders, from brute force to democracy.


Provided photo of Kasekela male chimpanzee Sampson for news release: Showy male primates have smaller testicles


CBS Minnesota: Jane Goodall Speaks At ‘U,’ Where Her Legacy Continues

Big Ten Network: How a Minnesota professor is deepening our understanding of man’s closest cousin: BTN LiveBIG

The Conversation: Studying Chimpanzee Calls for Clues about the Origins of Human Language

EuekaAlert: Can chimpanzee vocalizations reveal the origins of human language?

Science Daily: Can chimpanzee vocalizations reveal the origins of human language?

PBS NATURE: Natural Born Rebels, Episode 2: Survival


New York Times: Wild and Captive Chimpanzees Share Personality Traits With Humans

National Geographic: 50 Years On, Chimps Studied By Jane Goodall Still Reveal Discoveries

Cosmos: Goodall’s findings confirmed: chimps have stable personalities

Gli Stati Generali: Ecco perché il massacro delle scimmie è una catastrofe anche per voi


AirTalk 89.3 KPCC Los Angeles: Could humans have inherited murderous tendencies?

Le Monde: Les racines de la violence humaine plongent dans l’arbre de l’évolution

Die Zeit: Können Tiere fremdenfeindlich sein? (Can animals be xenophobic?)

BBC: Why bullying is such a successful evolutionary strategy

Science Daily: Gregarious chimps harbor richer gut microbiomes

The Scientist: Chimps share microbes while socializing

Laura Betzig’s Psychology Today blog: Crotch Shots


Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Give up meat? Don’t expect much from die-hard Minnesotans

BBC Radio 4: The Origins of War

The New Yorker: Apes in a Human World

WCCO News: Good question: Why do we have finger and toe nails?

WCCO News: Good question: Why do we kiss to show affection?

Science: Chimpanzees drum with signature style


Wall Street Journal: Our ancestors murdered—and played pacifist

University of Minnesota study shows chimps are naturally aggressive De duistere kant van de chimpansee

O Globo: Chimpanzé é violento por natureza, diz estudo

Discovery News: Killer chimps reveal why violence persists

Materia: Los chimpancés matan porque son violentos por naturaleza

Nature: The evolutionary roots of lethal conflict

BBC World News: Murder ‘comes naturally’ to chimpanzees

LA Times: Monkey see, monkey kill

New York Times: Lethal violence in chimps occurs naturally

USA Today: Chimp-on-chimp violence

Science: Why do chimps kill each other?

Science Daily: Chimps inherently violent

The Telegraph: Chimps and humans ‘both natural born killers’

NPR: Killing comes naturally to chimps

Harvard Gazette: Deadly violence a natural tendency in chimps

Voice of Russia: chimpanzees are natural born killers and stage gang attacks

BBC Scotland: Chimps are ‘naturally violent’

Kanyawara chimp calls used in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie


Live Science: Chimp Genetic History Stranger than Humans’

Larry Arnhart: The Behavioral Ecology of Chimpanzee War and Liberal Peace

Discovery News: Is War Inevitable?

Minnesota Monthly: The Caveman Controversy

Wisconsin Public Radio, Kathleen Dunn Show: Testing on Chimpanzees

Grand Marais Public Radio: The social behavior of chimps and other primates, and what it tell us about ourselves


The Cultural Niche: Chimpanzee Warfare

Science News: Chimps show lethal side

Scientific American: Why chimpanzees kill


Nature: Hyenas can count like monkeys

PRI’s The World: Evolutionary roots of Xenophobia

Science Magazine: The value of long-term studies

UMNews: Early primates and the Homo Erectus come to town


National Geographic Magazine: 50 years at Gombe

the Jane Goodall Institute: Gombe 50 symposium in Kyoto, Japan

the Jane Goodall Institute: Reflections from Gombe – Mike Wilson

National Public Radio: Mourning in chimpanzees?

2009: Chimps and HIV: The story behind the study

Southern California Public Radio: AIDS in chimpanzees

Associated Press: Missing AIDS link found in chimps

The New York Times: Study Finds Chimps Die from Simian AIDS


Nature: Human Behaviour: Killer Instincts

Our Origins – Exploring the Human Spark

Twin Cities Public Television: A head for language

The New York Times: About death, just like us or pretty much unaware?


Minnesota Public Radio’s In the Loop: Finding your Fit

Michael Wilson on In the Loop
Michael Wilson on In the Loop

Interviewed for film, TAG: Keep Playing, by Chad Calease


the Jane Goodall Institute: Habituating chimpanzees

Population Reference Bureau: Why the chimpanzees of Gombe national park are in jeopardy


Acoustical Society of America: Chimpanzees know when to keep quiet


The New York Times: A course in evolution, taught by chimps

Annual Reviews of Anthropology: Video of intergroup attack


Science Magazine’s NetWatch: Review of

thoughts on primates, people, and evolution